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If Your Vaginal Discharge Looks Like This You May Have the Bacterial Vaginosis Infection

Bacterial vaginosis just recently has been strongly highlighted on our television screens and not before time I say. We have the incontinence pad, sanitary towels and tampons regularly advertised in between our favorite soaps, or much to some women's embarrassment when match of the day is on, but never have we seen vaginal infections and its treatments brought before us this way. This is good news for the woman with bacterial vaginosis as it clarifies any concerns she may have that she is the only one it has infected. It also proves to her, normality, and more importantly tells her how to treat the vaginal infection.

Bacterial vaginosis produces vaginal discharge which is the outcome from an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina. This condition was once known as Gardnerella vaginitis. Bacterial vaginosis mirrors that there are several class of bacteria's which live in and around the vagina. The Gardnerella organism is not completely to blame for being the cause. If the bacteria becomes imbalanced the vaginal discharge emits and unpleasant fishy smell. Most vaginal infections is usually determined by a woman's discharge, and bacterial vaginosis shows distinctive signs in this quarter. Women with unusual discharge should be assessed so serious infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can be eliminated.

Primary symptoms of bacterial vaginosis to look out for are vaginal discharge and smell. The amount of vaginal discharge considered normal varies in each woman. Some women with the disease have no symptoms at all. Bacterial vaginosis discharge is usually loose and greyish white and often more noticeable after sexual intercourse.

As we speak there is no evident proof for the actual cause of bacterial vaginosis. Nevertheless we have theories and one being is that a combination of various bacteria must be present together for the problem to develop. Bacterial vaginosis typically features a decrease in the number of the normal hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli in the vagina. Simultaneously, there is a boost in concentration of other sorts of bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that develop in the absence of oxygen). As a result, the conclusion and treatment are not as easy as identifying and eliminating one sort of bacteria. Why the bacteria combine to cause the infection remains a mystery.

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and if any Vaginal Odor is it caused by this

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Frequently Asked Questions

    bacterial vaginosis help?
    I just recently went to the gynecologist today for my first time & told them of some different symptoms that I was feeling. Slight burning when peeing sometimes (it comes & goes), some pelvic pressure & back pain on the right. And the doctor there told me that it looks like bacterial vaginosis and he prescribed Flagyl 500mg twice a day. I hate the idea of taking antibiotics because I already have a problem with heartburn & taking prevacid as well. I asked the doctor will this antibiotic affect my heartburn problems and he says "it shouldn't" (that answer doesn't sound too positive to me). Has anyone ever had bacterial vaginosis, what did you do to treat it & if you used the antibiotic, what were your experiences with it?

    I would prefer another way to treat it that's not orally (no pills), like maybe some kind of cream/gel?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately the cream/gels for BV don't work as well... I've had BV while on the Mirena IUD and was first treated with a cream, which ended up not working. I then had to take Flagyl as well and it hasn't come back since (its been well over 2 months). Literally a day after the Flagyl my symtoms and smell went away! I was amazed. I would advise taking the full 7 days even if it causes some issues because if not treated soon enough, sometimes BV can spread to other organs and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

      Hope this helped a little. Good luck!

    What does Bacterial Vaginosis Smell like?
    I have the worst smelling discharge I've ever had. I've never usually been smelly... at all! So this is freaking me out a bit. It doesn't smelly fishy at all.. it smells like sour milk, or (this is really disgusting but..) almost like someone threw-up. It smells soo bad. It came out looking almost greyish or green even but when I wiped it, it was dark yellow. I'm going to the health clinic tomorrow, but I just wanted to know if anyone knows the answer to any of this? I'm scared its Trichamoniasis.. but it could also be B.V. I just got off the nuva ring also because I was getting too many yeast infections but this is the first week I'm off of it and I'm getting this horrible smell.

    • ANSWER:
      BV (bacterial vaginosis) smells like fish. It's a very foul smell!

      Trichomoniasis has a green/yellow colored discharge as well as a foul smell.

      Luckily, BV and trichomoniasis can both be treated and cured with antibiotics. Metronidazole (brand name is Flagyl) is usually prescribed for both BV and trichomoniasis.

      It's a really good idea you are seeing the doctor about this. You should definitely get it checked out and taken care of. Good luck to you!

    Bacterial Vaginosis ? Is this considered an STD ?
    My girlfriend was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. Every site I look at on the web has it listed as an STD. She has been hanging around one of her guy friends alot and his girlfriend also had it a few months before. My girlfriend laughed when she found out her friend got it. She said her friend said that her boyfriend gave her a disease that has a horrible fish odor. Now my girlfriend has it and it's not so funny anymore to her...
    I am a little upset about this...
    Am I paranoid? or do I have a right to be a suspicious about what she has been doing when she is with her guy friend?

    please help...
    I am a good honest guy and I feel like I am being played...

    • ANSWER:
      It can be passed on through intercourse but don't worry its very common for women to get it through other means. I found this on a site:
      Is bacterial vaginosis a sexually transmitted disease?

      No, BV can affect any woman, including those who do not have sex. No bacterium is passed on that causes this condition. Sexual partners of women with BV do not need any treatment. However, some cases of BV seem to be sexually 'related'. It may develop after a change in sexual partner. In these cases, the infection is not 'caught' from anyone. However, a change in sexual partner may affect the balance of normal bacteria in the vagina.

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