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Bacterial Vaginosis Causes and Treatments - What Causes BV and How It Can Be Cured

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition characterized by the proliferation of bacteria in the vaginal area of women. This disease is typically occurring in females during their age of childbearing. If you are currently searching for the best means to get lasting bacterial vaginosis relief, this article will provide you with some few tips on how to do so.

1. Yoghurt - The first method in getting rid of recurring bacterial vaginosis is through the consumption or application of plain yoghurt directly into the vaginal area. Drenching a tampon in yoghurt and putting it in the vagina will also do the trick.

2. Garlic garlic is not only utilized to provide that distinct zest whenever you are cooking. According to many studies, garlic has been found out to have properties that can eliminate fungi and bacteria. As a permanent bacterial vaginosis relief, garlic can be taken both internally and externally through the direct application on the vaginal area.
3. Diet consume a healthy diet which is made up mostly of fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink also big amounts of water.

4. Herbal products to decrease the inflammation, make use of calendula herb. Douche to trim down inflammation by combining calendula to boiling water and steep the concoction and cool it prior to usage. Drench a piece of tea bag into the concoction and cool it in the fridge prior to applying it directly into the vagina. To successfully treat bacterial vaginitis, utilize herbs such as black walnut, tea tree oil, goldenseal and Echinacea. To bring the vaginal pH into an acidic level, and for a bacterial vaginosis relief, use boric acid.

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