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Bacterial Vaginosis In Men - Can It Happenc

Bacterail vaginosis in men does it occurc Is it possible for a man to contact bacterial vaginosisc If so what are the symptoms of this infection in menc Can a man transmit this ailment to his female partnerc In this article I am going to share information on some of these questions related to bacterial vaginosis in men.

A man cannot get bacterial vaginosis. Hence men are not capable of transmitting it to their female partners. The question of bv treatment for boyfriend or a male partner therefore does not arise at all.

Only the female organs like the vagina and the uterus provide an ideal environment for the infection causing bacteria to thrive in. Hence there is a possibility of bv getting transmitted between two women involved in sexual relations. However there is no conclusive research evidence to prove this theory.

Can bv be transmitted by kissingc

BV, a bacterial infection women commonly suffer from cannot be passed on merely by kissing.

Can bacterial vaginosis in men be one of the probable causes of recurring vaginosis in womenc

Although there is lack of conclusive evidence this possibility cannot be ruled out. In case the male partner does carry traces of bv and seeks no formal treatment for the ailment the infection can be passed on to his female partner. To avoid this possibility it is always sensible to practice safe sex. Make use of condoms irrespective of any other forms contraceptives that you may use.

To clear any doubt that you may have and get rid of bacterial vaginosis in men natural remedies like live yogurt and apple cider vinegar are very useful. In fact consuming 3-4 cups of plain, unsweetened yogurt everyday is very useful even otherwise. It helps to keep not only bv but a whole lot of other bacterial infections at bay.

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