Bacterial And Yeast Infections In Women

Common Symptoms of Yeast infection in Women:

Intestinal Bacterial Infection

If you have a yeast infection, you'll probably notice a thick, white, and odorless change in vaginal discharge. Yeast infections occur when a fungus (yeast) experiences an imbalance in the vagina and intestinal tract (usually resulting from a change in diet or other antibiotics) and causes an overgrowth of something called, "candida."

A yeast infection in your intestines, at first, will just seem like a bout of indigestion and gas. What most people do then is head for the antacids to stop the burning of the indigestion, and cut down their gas problem. Just like taking any other drug for an intestinal health problem the antacids are only masking your intestinal yeast infection by eliminating one symptom, and this is where more problems begin.

Many bacterial infections are unnoticeable that you barely experience symptoms. Only when your body fights hard against the infection, you can see the symptoms. Most of the symptoms make you feel lethargic and drowsy. Certain infections on skin are evident from boils and pus nodules. Infection in throat and nose indicate problems due to bacteria in the respiratory tract. Similarly, infections in digestive tract can be identified with digestion problems. Once you experience these symptoms, you have to consult a doctor to prevent the infection from spreading.
One of the best ways to relieve a yeast infection is through unsweetened yogurt. Unsweetened yogurt contains a lot of great bacteria that can help in combating a yeast infection. There are several ways you can apply unsweetened bacteria. You can insert it in the vagina and hold it in with a tampon. This effectively keeps the yogurt from leaking out.

The first yellowish sticky secretion from the mammary glands is Colostrum. It is produced right after birth and lasts for 3 days. After that Colostrum is no more produced. Colostrum is rich in nutrients and also has small quantities of antibodies. In spite of being in minute amount these antibodies are of such great importance that they protect the baby from respiratory and enteric infections.

Causes: It happens mostly sexually-active women who have anal sex. When pathogenic bacteria are introduced into the vagina, lactobacilli (bacteria responsible for chemical balance) cease to function properly and this upsets the environmental balance. The risk of pathogenic bacteria entering the vagina is increased if there have been hot weather, poor hygiene and IUD's (birth control).

With more of the mutated fungus entering your intestines and feeding on the undigested food the fungus will grow rhizoids. They use their rhizoids to attach themselves to the walls of your intestines and this begins to perforate them. Once the walls of your intestines are perforated poisons from the mutated yeast make their way into your bloodstream.

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